Our estimates are free! We are almost always available to write one so just stop by if you are in the area. We do appreciate appointments but they aren't a necessity.

Estimate pricing can vary a lot. Price differences can be due to the quality of parts, differences in labor times and differences in repair procedures being quoted. If you have received more than one estimate, we would be happy to review them and explain what you are getting with each estimate. Lower priced estimates might have left out necessary repairs, parts or quality. Ask questions about your estimates to ensure you understand what you are paying for (or not paying for).

Yes! We are able to work with any insurance carrier. Bring your claim number with you and we can help you with the claim process.

Yes! We can repair your rock chips, replace broken glass and repair windows that won't roll up and down. Call or stop by for an estimate!

We do! We have several vehicles available to our customers for a small daily fee.  To ensure we have one available for you, please let us know if you would like one when you are booking your repairs.

We are able to get used, aftermarket as well as new OEM parts for all makes and models. If you are looking for replacement parts, contact us for a quote!

Still have questions? Please send us a message and we will be happy to answer your questions.